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Charles Tyler, Bar Council Website Manager:
"fine-focus have been reliable and professional throughout the full process of the development of both our websites. I found their suggestions during the development stages particularly intelligent and helpful, and consequently they helped make the development process very simple and easy for me. Both sites have been very successful and widely used, and have also attracted a lot of positive feedback from site users. fine-focus have proved themselves to be dependable partners to work with, both in terms of their technical and design expertise, and their support and responsiveness. Their conduct has been fully professional, whilst their service is friendly and has been tailored to the needs of the department at every step."

Patrick Michael, Head of Research and Development Sega (Europe): "fine-focus have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of application development, website engineering, and site optimisation. Their work has been a major factor in the success of a new product area. Their dedication to quality both in development and support has been exemplary."

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