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Show your clients and visitors to your website the whole picture by providing virtual tours on your website or CDROM. Virtual Tours allow users to gain an overall view and explore and interact within an area at their own pace. Useful to display buildings, houses, rooms and outdoor environments to their maximium potential, they provide a full sense of space unachievable in a traditional photograph.

fine-focus can create virtual tours without the need for your users to download plug-ins, so they can access images immediately. Useful information can also be incorporated within the virtual tour, with the use of hot spots; marked areas where users can click and gain more information about what they are viewing. Other features include the ability for users to explore an area seamlessly, for example by clicking on doors in a house in order to move onto the next room. Users can also zoom in and out to view areas of particular interest in more detail. Click on the link at the top of the page to view 4 virtual tours produced for The Cumberland Hotel Marble Arch.